Revenues are recognised when it is probable that the economic benefits will be attributed to Eneco and the revenues can be reliably measured. Revenues are recognised less discounts, taxes and levies, such as energy tax and value added tax. Amounts that are invoiced and collected for third parties are not recognised as revenues.

Energy supply and transmission

Revenues from the sale of energy and transmission services to end users are recognised at the time of supply, when the rewards of ownership and risk of any impairment are transferred to the customer.

Energy-related activities

Revenues from the construction, maintenance and leasing of energy installations and equipment and the sale of solar panels are recognised as revenues from energy-related activities.

Services and construction contracts

Revenues are recognised through the income statement using the percentage of completion method when they become sufficiently certain. The extent to which performance has been delivered is determined on the basis of either the relationship between the costs incurred and the total expected costs or an analysis of the work performed.

Trading of energy commodities and CO2 emission rights

When sale and purchase contracts for energy commodities and emission rights not concluded for the company's own use but for trading purposes are entered into, countervailing sales and purchase contracts are concluded at virtually the same time. Gains and losses arising from such trading transactions are netted and recognised as Other revenues from the time the relevant transactions are concluded. Gains and losses arising from the revaluation to fair value of a trading contract are recognised directly through the income statement as Other revenues.

Government grants

Government grants are recognised when it is reasonably certain that the conditions related to receiving the grants have been or will be met and that the grants have been or will be forthcoming. Grants related to income as a contribution to costs are recognised as revenues in the period in which those costs are incurred. Grants contributing to the cost of an asset are deducted from the asset's cost and reflected in the depreciation throughout the useful life of the asset.