In Control statement

Since 2007, the Board of Management of Eneco Holding N.V. issues an In Control statement. This is also the case for 2012.

As a company with social responsibility, we adhere to the initial scope of the Dutch Corporate Governance code relating to internal control; in other words, an adequate and effective implementation of all the objectives of the Eneco Control & Risk System (ECRS). We do not, therefore, make use of the possibility offered by the Corporate Governance Monitoring Committee to limit the scope to financial reporting risks only.

The Board of Management is aware of its responsibility for the internal control of Eneco. The Board of Management has applied the Eneco Control & Risk System as an instrument to guarantee that the realisation of strategic, operational and financial objectives is monitored, reporting is reliable and legislation and regulations are complied with. On the basis of the results of the self-assessments that were carried out by the different segments in 2012, the Board of Management is of the opinion that the internal control system is adequate and functioned effectively in 2012.

The inherent limitations of each risk management and control system must, however, be taken into account. We will therefore never be able to absolutely guarantee that we will achieve our company objectives or that no material errors, losses, fraud or breaches of legislation and regulations will occur.

Forward looking statement

The Board of Management will incorporate Enterprise Risk Management in greater detail in 2013 using the Eneco Control & Risk System. The Board of Management has no reason to assume that the Eneco Control & Risk System will not function properly in 2013.