Experts in energy


The independently operating consultancy firm Ecofys, of which Eneco is 100% shareholder, possesses in-depth knowledge across the entire spectrum of energy and CO2 efficiency, sustainable energy, energy systems and markets and energy & climate policies.

Wedging the gap

In June 2102, a number of Ecofys experts published an article in the magazine Nature Climate Change. Ecofys proposes a new approach — called ‘wedging the gap’ — consisting of 21 coherent worldwide initiatives that together would trigger greenhouse-gas emission reductions of around 10 giga tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents by 2020. This supports and goes substantially beyond the emission reductions proposed by national governments. The Ecofys approach would play a significant part in bridging the gap between current emission trends and the internationally supported objective to limit the global temperature increase to 2° Celsius. the publication can be downloaded at Nature Climate Change.

International activities

Ecofys carries out projects in about 50 countries and is an important partner of international climate organisations. Ecofys was present at the UNFCCC-climate conferences in Doha and contributed to the ‘Annual Negotiators Guidebook’. Negotiators of many countries have been using the annual series of this guidebook for more than five years.

In 2012, Ecofys won a number of prominent contracts that enhance its visibility in the United States and China. In the US, Ecofys is carrying out a project that should demonstrate how data centres can contribute to improving the possibilities for feeding sustainably generated electricity into the electricity network. In China, Ecofys is leading a consortium that advises the Chinese Tianjin region on the development of a local emissions trading system. In this project, Ecofys collaborates with locale experts in this field. Tianjin is one of the seven Chinese regions where such pilot systems are being developed.

In Kenya, Ecofys supervises the development of a 25MW wind farm where turbines are being installed on a tea plantation. Ecofys’s contribution to this project varies from mapping the landscape to optimising the performance of the wind farm.

Emissions reduction through the WWF Climate Savers programme

For WWF International, Ecofys is investigating the emission of carbon dioxide by companies that participate in the WWF Climate Savers Programme. One of the main findings of this study is that over thirty large companies have managed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 100 million tons between 1999 and 2011. This figure is equivalent to twice the current annual emissions of Switzerland. The study also provides insight into the potential for further reductions. Ecofys has calculated that the cumulative CO2 reduction per year could increase to 350 million tonnes in 2020. If other major corporations in the same business sectors followed the leadership of Climate Savers companies, between 500 and 1000 million tonnes of emissions could be avoided annually in 2020, an amount roughly comparable to the current annual emissions of Germany. More information on the WWF Climate Savers programme can be found on