Customers first


Customers are central in our actions and thinking. We connect with our customers because we have a common goal: clean, affordable and reliable energy, now and in the future. We continue to work on an even better relationship with our customers, transparently and openly.

What did we want to achieve in 2012?

Our management and our employees are our ambassadors. They can ensure that our customers experience Eneco as an outspoken, decisive and sustainable company and appreciate our services even more. The aim was to organise cooperation within our company in such a way that customers experience us as service and customer oriented. Specifically, we have set ourselves the goal for 2012 that the customer satisfaction score of at least 75% of the Stedin customers would be 7 or higher. Customer satisfaction of Eneco-customers is measured on the basis of the Net Promoter Score. For this score, we had set a goal for 2012 of at least -17%.

What have we achieved?

  • Target for Stedin customer satisfaction achieved: 76% (target 2012: 75%, realisation 2011: 73%)
  • Target for NPS achieved: -14% (target 2012: -17%, realisation 2011: -18%)
  • Services further improved
  • Higher customer loyalty
  • Customers more enthusiastic about sustainable energy