Getting businesses interested in sustainable energy


In October 2011, we started the business-to-business campaign 'sustainable business is profitable'. We have continued the campaign in 2012 in more detail. The campaign is aimed at the positioning of the company. We have strived to demonstrate that sustainability is a model for making money rather than an expense. In addition, we wished to position Eneco as the authority on corporate sustainability and the partner of choice for sustainable energy. The campaign was successful: we are increasingly seen as the best partner with respect to corporate sustainability and we leave the competition behind us.

Showing that sustainability works

We also undertake other activities to show that corporate sustainability is the future. These include the successful cooperation with the magazines Management Team and Sprout in 2012. The cooperation resulted in 'Groen Succes' ('Green Success'), a publication describing successful corporate sustainability business cases, that was distributed together with these magazines. We regularly organise Master Classes on special themes (Green Success Live) for groups of customers and business associates. In addition, we frequently publish articles on our vision and our activities in the sustainable channels of Management Team and Sprout.