Customer satisfaction with Eneco improves


The Net Promoter Score improved this year, showing that customers increasingly recommend Eneco to friends and acquaintances. One of the activities that contribute to better customer appreciation is the annual customer event at Rotterdam Zoo. Our monthly newsletter and the customer loyalty section of our website also play an important role.

Customer satisfaction with service provided by Stedin improved in 2012

Over the past years, Stedin also worked hard to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction. Stedin measures customer satisfaction as the percentage of customers that award the service provided a score of 7 or higher. Since mid-2012, a different method of measurement is being applied that reflects the activities of Stedin more accurately. This has led to a change in the build up to a general customer satisfaction rating. According to the new system, the year-end score 2012 was 76% (2011: 73% according to the new system, originally 69%).