Energy efficiency contracts


As a central element of our Sustainable, Decentralised and Together strategy, we are developing new business models that shape the future of Eneco, the Energy Service Companies (ESCO's). These cover the entire chain of sales, advice, financing, production, operation, warranty management and monitoring. Customers experience us as the decentralised energy company on location, their trusted partner that realises and operates all energy-related matters. By agreeing and providing guaranteed performance, we take care of all the problems of our customers.

Promising concept

Via ESCO's, we offer new innovative products and services. To start with, we will be focusing on the segments with the greatest savings potential: real estate and housing corporations. The poor situation in the new construction market is also an opportunity: there is an increased interest in renovation and energy efficiency. Housing corporations must pay closer attention to costs. Outsourcing of non-core activities, such as energy management, offers good possibilities in this respect. Furthermore, the Dutch government has imposed stricter requirements for the manner in which housing corporations use the capital provided, resulting in a decrease in available capital. Looking for ways to save money is the logical next step. The role of tenants has also changed: they want sustainable housing, but they do not want to worry about anything. Corporations that formerly arranged and financed this themselves, do not possess the required up-to-date knowledge and funds. Eneco aims to provide an answer to these developments with the ESCO model.

First efficiency contracts closed

In the last months of 2012, there was an increased interest in the ESCO model. The first ESCO contracts have been concluded. Examples include the Van Nelle design factory and property leased by the Government Buildings Agency. In the housing corporation segment, we have concluded a strategic partnership with Woonbron, which forms the start of the transfer of all the energy installations to Eneco ESCO.