Providing insight into energy consumption

In 2012, we developed practical products for both consumers and business customers that help them to better understand their energy consumption. This awareness helps customers to truly change their energy consumption pattern. Higher efficiency results in lower energy consumption.

Toon® Thermostat

Toon® is the first thermostat that provides customers with insight into their own energy consumption and costs any time of the day. Toon® turned out to be a success: 30,000 interested customers responded. As from the end of May, we have supplied and installed the first 5,000 thermostats. The order portfolio for 2013 is full. Two-thirds of the users recommend Toon® to others. In 2013, we will further enhance the thermostat and expand its functionality, for example with a remote control app. Users will also be able to compare their consumption to other households. With Toon®, Eneco has found a way to start a relevant discussion with the customers that not only concerns price.

Energy Manager Expert for businesses

With the Energy Manager Expert, companies can monitor their electricity and gas consumption any time of the day. It is immediately clear which locations use energy at which moments and what the effect is of energy efficiency measures. The Energy Manager Expert also provides insight into unwanted energy consumption, thus enabling visibly effective corrective measures. As part of the Energy Manager, we now also offer an app for smart phones. On their personal page, customers can monitor the effect of efficiency measures. The application calculates whether the energy consumption of a company in a particular month or quarter was higher or lower than in the previous year. These results are displayed in handy mini-reports.