We put customers and their energy needs first in our efforts to design and implement sustainable energy solutions. We use our knowledge and skills to serve these customers, who can count on the expertise that we have accumulated over the decades.

This is why we make targeted investments in technology, knowledge and the safety and expertise of our staff. The experience that we have gained over the past decades guarantees our ability to design, construct and maintain smart energy infrastructures and sustainable energy solutions. Safety is a core value of our organisation: this topic is always at the top of the agenda.

What did we want to achieve in 2012?

Eneco, Stedin and Joulz pay a lot of attention to safety. Safety is part of our strategy for a good reason. It is logically embedded in the development and maintenance of expertise in our company. It is also a precondition for reliable management and a reliable reputation. We strive to improve our safety performance by developing a proactive safety culture. The LTIR score is regarded as an important measure for our success in this area. Our ultimate goal is an LTIR score of zero, but we have not yet been able to achieve this in practice. This is why we set the target for 2012 at a maximum of 2.0.

We actively develop expertise and market knowledge in our company. The shortage of talented technicians on the labour market will continue over the next few years. This trend, in combination with the aging of the labour force within the sector stimulated Stedin and Joulz to train their own technicians. Sharing knowledge of market developments, technology and innovation on a structural basis is also important for the realisation of our ambitions. Our aim was to implement this by further developing knowledge management.

What have we achieved?

  • Safety performance improved; LTIR from 1.76 in 2011 to 1.40 in 2012 (target 2012: 2.0)
  • Stedin and Joulz started a two-year training programme for technicians
  • 250 Joulz employees participated in a learning on the job programme
  • Eneco Academy and Stedin Academy started structural sharing of knowledge