Recruiting and developing talent for the future


Sharing knowledge of market developments, technology and innovation on a structural basis is important for the realisation of our ambitions. This is achieved through Eneco Academy and Stedin Academy and the further development of knowledge management.

Talent programmes

The annual talent programmes for so-called 'potentials' and managers within Eneco Group commenced in May 2012. The competence development in this group is based on the leadership profile that Eneco strives for. These programmes will be completed at the beginning of 2013. Both participants and management rate these programmes as 'good' or 'very good'.

Career Development Centre

The current and future success of our sustainability strategy are stimulated by means of internal job mobility aimed at optimal qualitative and quantitative staffing. For this purpose, we created the Career Development Centre in the fourth quarter of 2012. This Centre supports employees in finding a new job within the Eneco Group. The Career Development Centre is a collaboration between the recruitment departments of Eneco, Stedin and Joulz.