Expertise development


The shortage of talented technicians on the labour market will continue over the next few years. This trend, in combination with the aging of the labour force within the sector stimulated Stedin and Joulz to train their own technicians.

Training of new technicians at Stedin and Joulz

Stedin started the Technical Training Programme for young technicians in 2012. This two-year programme aims to train young technicians to become technical professionals in a short period of time. The programme encompasses a combination of professional training, practical experience and personal development. Joulz has developed a technical talent programme, the Joulz Technical Traineeship (Joulz TT). This is a two-year programme aimed at young college and university level technicians.

Joulz Company Academy

More than one hundred fully qualified gas and electricity technicians graduated from Joulz Company Academy in 2012. The academy also offers Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) programmes for experienced technicians and people with experience in other disciplines. This enhances their chances to start or advance their career within our company. We have covenants with several Regional Community Colleges for these APL programmes.

The growth of Joulz in the province of Noord-Holland has led to a need for training facilities in this area. This is why we opened a new Joulz Company Academy location in Amsterdam in November 2012. This academy also offers a learning on the job programme for a group of people who have difficulty finding a job due to their background. We provide the training and the job and the municipality takes care of any other obstacles for the participants, for example by providing child care on days when they are working.