Together in biomass


Producing energy from biomass is a sustainable process. Over time, we have gained considerable experience with biomass installations. At the end of 2012, our total installed capacity of energy generated from biomass amounted to more than 10 MW. We now have over 130 MW of biomass installations in development for the production of electricity, heating and green gas.

Investments in biomass production capacity

In 2012, we made substantial progress with the construction of 'Bio Golden Raand', the biomass energy plant in the municipality of Delfzijl. Work started in November 2011 and all major construction work was completed at the end of 2012. The plant is expected to become operational by mid-2013. This power plant, in which an amount of € 170 million has been invested, will have a production capacity of 49.9 MW. The plant will convert waste wood from, for example, construction and demolition activities, into electricity.