Reusing residual flows


Residual flows such as steam and CO2 are not waste as far as Eneco is concerned. On the contrary, they can form a valuable contribution to the energy chain. This is why we continue to develop new initiatives. We supply CO2 to the horticulture sector, where it is used in greenhouses to stimulate the growth of the crops. Our new steam network in the Botlek is also a prime example.

Steam pipe network Rotterdam Botlek

Stedin is developing a steam transportation network in the Rotterdam Botlek industrial area. In this region, different industries are located in close proximity to each other. Residual steam from one company can be transported efficiently via a steam network to be used in the production process of another company. Reusing the steam in the primary process of another company improves the energy efficiency of the entire chain. Lower volumes of fossil fuels are needed and less CO2 and NOx is released into the atmosphere. Once the network is fully operational, CO2 emissions in the Rotterdam port area will be reduced by 200 to 400 kilotons per year. The project thereby contributes significantly to the climate targets of the city of Rotterdam.

First customers connected to steam early 2013

Stedin invests in and will be the owner of the new steam transportation network. The first customers with which transport and connection agreements have been signed are waste processing company and steam supplier AVR and chemical company and steam user Emerald Kalama Chemical (EKC). The steam network is now under construction and will become operational in the spring of 2013. Plans are being made for a second part of the network between EKC and Akzo Nobel. The investment decision for this three-kilometre section of the network will be make in the middle of 2013. If the decision is positive, this extension can be operational by 2015.