Together in wind energy


During the course of 2012, the demand for sustainable energy production solutions increased. Wind energy is becoming a premium product that helps customers in some segments to enhance the visibility of their efforts in the area of sustainability. For a number of major customers, we meet this demand by providing customised solutions. With the combination of HollandseWind® and an SMK foundation eco-label, we offer companies the possibility to obtain a higher score on the CO2 Performance Ladder. In this manner, we help them to increase their business. In order to spread our risks, we have wind energy activities in a number of different countries. The successful completion of our wind projects has resulted in a substantial expansion of our wind energy portfolio. In the Benelux, Eneco is market leader in the area of offshore wind energy. Good cooperation with the right local and non-local partners is a very important factor for the realisation of the planned growth.

Our aim is to complete different onshore wind energy projects with a total capacity of approximately 100 MW each year and to realise one offshore wind energy project about every three years. At 1039 MW, our total onshore and offshore installed wind capacity, generated by Eneco production facilities or supplied under purchase contracts, exceeded the 1000 MW mark in 2012 (2011: 913 MW).

Onshore wind energy

In the Netherlands, we obtained a building permit for the construction of the Laaksche Vaart wind farm in the province of Noord Brabant. Furthermore, we acquired the company WindWise, one of the developers of the Delfzijl Noord wind farm and other projects in and around the municipality of Delfzijl.

We obtained a number of permits in other countries. In Belgium, we acquired permits for projects in Molenbaix, Herentals, Boneffe, Arlon and Fauvilliers. There are still some follow-up procedures to complete, but we trust that we can start the construction of these projects in the coming years. In Great Britain we obtained permits for the expansion of the Tullo and Lochluichart wind farms.

In 2012, we completed the construction of the Dutch wind farms Acrres, Hoevensche Beemden and Zwartenbergseweg. The Romerswaal and Houten projects are under construction. In Belgium, the wind farms Ciney, Perwez and Eeklo became operational. The Lochluichart project in Great Britain is under construction.

Offshore wind energy

The next offshore wind farm that we have planned is Eneco Luchterduinen. Van Oord and Vestas are the preferred partners for this project. Early 2013, we also entered into a partnership relating to this wind farm with the Japanese company Mitsubishi Corporation (MC). MC also intends to acquire half of the Prinses Amalia wind farm. The development of the Norther offshore wind farm in Belgium is progressing according to plan. We have now obtained the permits. We have sold 50 percent of the Navitus Bay project in Great Britain to EDF. We will continue the development of this project, which will supply energy to approximately 775,000 households, together with EDF.