Connecting leadership


Connecting leadership is our response to developments that we are seeing in society and within our organization. The speed of information exchange and knowledge development is increasing, society is open and transparent and networks and communities are becoming more important. By connecting with our surroundings in which we wish our organisation to be successful, we can realise our mission 'sustainable energy for everyone'. In our view, connecting with our stakeholders -customers, colleagues, employees, suppliers, partners, shareholders and competitors – is a precondition. The style that corresponds to connecting leadership is best described by the African saying, "If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together".

Management profile

The leadership philosophy of Eneco has been translated to a management profile, in which competencies are linked to the themes Business, People and Knowledge. Developing the competencies in this management profile is one of the instruments to further enhance connecting leadership within Eneco. The competencies are linked to management profiles and are part of the evaluation cycle.


Eneco can only realise its vision of Sustainable, Decentralised, Together, if it keeps in close contact with its customers and society. That is why we attach great importance to the fact that the composition of our staff is a good reflection of community in which we operate. We strive to offer equal opportunities for both men and women, natives and immigrants, people with a disability and people who have difficulty finding a job. Religion, age, racial or ethnic origin and sexual orientation do not play a role in our evaluation. It is our fundamental belief that diversity results in better decision making and more creativity in teams. To stimulate diversity, our current focus is on changing the ratio of men and women in the company, in close consultation with the Central Works Council. In view of the current ratio, this is expected to generate the most results. We also believe that the competencies attributed to women are necessary to maintain and enhance the relationship with our relevant environment during the coming years. This is why we have started to draw explicit attention to the topic of diversity in our management layers to also realise diversity with respect to other groups in a natural manner. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a 30% proportion of women in management positions.

At the end of 2012, the ratio of men and women within Eneco Group in terms of FTEs was as follows:







(Total at year-end 2012: 6,998 FTEs)

The proportion of women in the top of the organisation is 17%; this is a fairly good reflection of the proportion of women in the organisation as a whole. Actions that we take to increase this percentage by creating awareness on this topic at upper management levels include:

  • a baseline measurement regarding the importance of and reasons for diversity
  • round table discussions
  • case study discussions with management and participatory bodies
  • stimulate recruitment and selection of women for vacancies and succession
  • addressing the development of female employees
  • consultations with Rhea, the women's network of Eneco