Eneco ensures that customers always have access to clean, affordable energy that is generated and transported in a safe manner. An increasing number of our customers generate part of their own energy. Eneco aims to supply the remainder of their energy demand from 100% sustainable resources.

Purchasing collectives, in which individuals and companies unite to jointly purchase energy, mainly focus on price. Eneco does not participate in such initiatives in the Netherlands, because it wishes to distinguish itself from other suppliers on the basis of sustainable energy, not on the basis of the lowest price.

What did we aim to achieve in 2012?

Our aim is to win customers for our mission. We strive to make a connection between the old energy world and the new sustainable future, with the goal to reduce CO2 emissions together with our customers. During the phase in which energy is not yet generated from 100% sustainable resources, we use gas since this is the cleanest fossil fuel. Our aim was to make optimal use of our new gas plant for this purpose, in particular in periods when the wind force is low. Customers must be able to count on the availability of electricity, gas and heating. Our goal is to keep the availability of our energy supply at a very high level. The average duration of interruption of the energy supply may not exceed 14.7 minutes. This number is the weighted average of the maximum interruption duration for electricity, gas and heating.  See the section on Network reliability for further details. Another important target was to increase the share of dark green energy in our retail supply portfolio to 0.5% for gas and 20% for electricity.

What have we achieved?

  • With a result of 19.5 minutes, we did not meet the target for average interruption duration (target 2012: 14.7 minutes and realisation 2011: 13.8 minutes)
  • With a result of 1%, we did meet the target for the share of dark green gas as a percentage of the retail supply portfolio (target 2012: 0.5% and result 2011: 0.4%)
  • With a result of 16.1%, the share of dark green electricity as a percentage of the retail supply portfolio was below target (target 2012: 20% and realisation 2011: 14,3%)
  • Introduction of HollandseWind®
  • Customer base stabilises at 2.2 million (target 2012 and realisation 2011: 2.2 million)
  • Eneco is successful in Belgium
  • The utilisation rate of our Enecogen gas plant was lower than planned, because the price of electricity generated from gas did not outweigh the price of electricity generated from coal in 2012