Supply to the customer

Consumers and SMEs in the Netherlands

Consumers and SMEs in the Netherlands can choose between the brands Eneco and Oxxio. In Belgium, we are expanding the brand Eneco.

The number of households in the consumer market in the Netherlands that switched supplier increased again after a few years of slight decrease. The number of suppliers with a licence to supply increased. Parties such as the Consumers' Association and the home owners association ‘Vereniging Eigen Huis’ have assumed the role of intermediary. In Belgium, the market was liberalised at a later stage and the Belgian government is currently applying an active policy to draw consumers' attention to the possibilities offered by the free market. Eneco's total number of retail customers for electricity and gas stabilised at 2.2 million in 2012. There was an increase in the number of Oxxio customers and the number of Eneco customers in Belgium and a decrease in the number of Eneco customers in the Netherlands. With its unique positioning of customers taking energy into their own hands, Oxxio was able to expand its customer base. The campaign to give customers insight into their consumption by means of the application MijnOxxio (MyOxxio) and an iPad is a clear example of this positioning. As of September, customers can choose between the products: Oxxio Budget, Oxxio iPad Inzicht and Oxxio Bewust.

Campaigns increase brand awareness

In the Netherlands, we have introduced new products as part of the campaign 'All for sustainability’, such as HollandseWind® and the thermostat Toon®. These products contribute to the realisation of our sustainability objectives. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of our sustainability vision: in a survey conducted in 2012 they called Eneco the most sustainable energy company.

HollandseWind® successful

HollandseWind® is wind energy combined with a wind force discount. One year after the introduction, the number of HollandseWind® customers amounted to nearly 100,000. Eneco won an Effie award for the most effective advertising campaign for this product.

Eneco Belgium is growing

In 2012, Eneco's retail market share in Belgium increased substantially. More than 200,000 contracts were sold in a period of one year thanks to the clear sustainability positioning, which is also very popular in Belgium, and the frequent media attention. The ranking of Greenpeace Belgium and the decision of WWF Belgium to collaborate with Eneco confirm that Eneco is also one of the most sustainable market participants in Belgium. In just one year, Eneco's market share in Flanders grew to nearly 5%.

Agreements with WWF

One of the agreements that we made with WWF is that we will supply dark green energy to consumers and SME customers. Dark green means investments in new sustainable resources. Most of the green electricity is generated by hydropower plants in Norway that have been operational for decades. Although this electricity is sustainable, it does not contribute to the necessary further increase of the sustainability of the energy supply. An increasing share of the 100% green electricity that Eneco supplies to consumers and SME customers is dark green electricity, because Eneco and its partners invest in new sustainable resources.

For 2012, we had set ourselves the target that 20% of the energy that we supply to our retail customers would be dark green energy. The introduction of the product HollandseWind® was a success. However, customer demand for dark green electricity was below our initial expectation. Consequently, the result of 16.1% (2011: 14.3) is below our 20% target. The fact that there is only a limited supply of dark green gas is apparent from our target of 0.5% for 2012. However, we have managed to exceed this target by far, with a result for 2012 of 1,0% (2011: 0,41%).