Eneco Holding NV (‘Eneco Group') is the only integrated energy group in the Netherlands that has the explicit ambition to produce, transport and supply energy in a sustainable manner.

With approximately 7,000 employees, we serve 2.2 million business and domestic customers. The company’s shares are held by 55 Dutch municipalities. Eneco’s head office is located in Rotterdam.

Sustainable production, supply and trading

Under the name Eneco, the group engages in the production, trading, purchasing and supply of energy (electricity, gas, heating and cooling), an increasingly large part of which is generated in a sustainable manner. In addition, we develop sustainable and decentralised energy solutions for customers. The energy com­pany also transports and distributes heating and cooling to customers and CO2 to horticultural businesses. Furthermore, Eneco continuously works on creating its own sustainable portfolio and on sustainable production together with customers. Eneco's aim is to supply its customers 100% sustainable energy. In addition to its own sustainable production, Eneco also purchases sustainable energy by concluding long-term purchase contracts with wind farm, biomass plant and solar energy plant operators. Eneco's activities also include the trading in CO2 emission rights and the purchase of gas for its own gas plant or gas plants from which it purchases electricity. In its own gas storage facilities, Eneco creates a gas reserve for periods when there is an increased demand for gas. Eneco has operations in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Great Britain. The energy company has grouped its activities logically in functional business segments. (

Network and engineering activities

Stedin is responsible for the maintenance, management and development of gas and electricity networks located, in particular, in the densely populated areas in the provinces of Utrecht and Zuid-Holland. All of its statutory regulated tasks are performed in-house. The free, not statutory regulated activities, are carried out by Stedin Services (Stedin Diensten). Stedin not only bears responsibility for the safety and optimal functioning of the energy grid, it also develops infrastructures for the transport of waste flows such as CO2, steam and biogas (
Joulz is a specialist in the safe design, installation and management of sustainable energy infrastructure. It offers a complete package of consulting and engineering services relating to the energy grids and associated installations. Joulz offers its experience of more than a hundred years to a wide range of customers and, in particular, to national, regional and private grid administrators as well as road authorities, utility companies and the industry sector. In both small-scale and large-scale projects, Joulz forms the link between parties. Together making sure that it works, that is the power of Joulz (

Independent consultancy Ecofys

Ecofys has both in-depth and extensive knowledge across the entire spectrum of energy and CO2 efficiency, sustainable energy, energy systems and markets and energy and climate policy. Ecofys provides advice in these areas and has an independent position within the group. (