Business model transition

Revenues from energy sales are higher than the costs that Eneco incurs for, in particular, the production, purchase and transmission of energy. This is how we now earn our money. But this business model is going to change.

As customers are increasingly producing their own energy, we will be supplying less energy. However, the own generation capacity of customers will result in new types of demand, such as advice on and the financing, installation and maintenance of those facilities. They will also be using their new position to increase their energy efficiency. This way, they save money and the environment. By giving our customers our full support, we assume our social responsibility. That is why we gladly aim for reducing energy consumption. This starts with giving our customers better insight into their energy consumption, for example with the introduction of the Toon® thermostat.

Changing in phases

Naturally, Eneco wishes to continue its sustainable operations from a business economic point of view. We wish to demonstrate our added value for customers, nature and the environment and at the same time create economic value, now and in the future. To this end, we are changing our business model in phases. A transition from a central energy production and supply company, to a central sustainable energy production company and eventually to a situation in which customers, supported by Eneco, generate their own sustainable energy locally. The essence of the Eneco strategy is that we are working on creating a company that focuses on energy efficiency and local sustainable energy generation solutions. We are changing from a traditional energy supplier to a service provider that offers comprehensive solutions for energy issues. This also requires a cultural change from our employees, who will increasingly need to connect with customers and understand their requirements.

The concept of Energy Service Companies (ESCO) is one of our new focal points. These are performance contracts with major customers, such as companies and housing corporations, that reduce energy consumption with measures such as better insulation and more energy efficient heating systems.

Sustainable customer relations

The ESCO concept is promising. It enables Eneco to get closer to customers, to support them and to establish a more sustainable relationship with them. It also enables us to offer more new innovative products and services.