Through our monthly digital newsletter that many customers receive, our website, which is visited by a large number of unique visitors each month, and the various contacts with our call centre, we involve our customers in the energy supply. We get valuable feedback through the Eneco customer panel and the new Eneco Forum.

Eneco customer panel ‘All for sustainability’

Members of Eneco's customer panel can make suggestions and contribute to discussions with Eneco on solutions to further improve energy efficiency and sustainability. The feedback from the customer panel is used to fine-tune communication proposals and marketing propositions.

Eneco Forum basis for co-creation

The Eneco Forum enables customers to exchange information among themselves and with Eneco and to join discussions on a variety of energy-related topics. The feedback from the forum is communicated to the appropriate department in the organisation. The intention is that Eneco Forum increasingly becomes a channel for collaboration with customers. In time, we expect the emphasis to shift from service to co-creation.

Round table discussions with sectors

Via Joulz, Eneco organises round tables discussions on the topic of installation responsibility and energy management. These discussions are aimed at various sectors: medical, government, private grid administrators and the rail industry. From these meetings, we have learned that, in some cases, there is a lack of involvement with and, in particular, knowledge with respect to installation responsibility among the upper management of these organisations. With these round table discussions, Eneco aims to increase the awareness of the importance of installation responsibility in these organisations.

Dialogue with entrepreneurs

In the business segment, Eneco organises Business Environmental Dinners to stimulate the dialogue on sustainable operations with the management of companies. We also organise Master classes on Corporate Sustainability for SME entrepreneurs.