Government bodies and NGOs


The activities of the Eneco Group are strongly affected by regulations. There is still no level playing field between sustainable and fossil fuel energy. We strive to communicate our views and to protect our interests vis-à-vis regulatory authorities.

Three-point plan

During the election period, Eneco presented three points to the political parties that should make the energy supply in the Netherlands clean, reliable and affordable:

  1. The polluter pays; stimulate clean energy that is generated nationally.
  2. Let citizens, farmers and companies generate their own energy.
  3. Maintain Dutch energy companies; create room to invest in the energy sector.

Facebook application ‘For sustainability’

In the beginning of September 2012, Eneco launched a Facebook page under the name 'For sustainability' ('Voor duurzaam'), a platform where customers and non-customers can share ideas on sustainable energy with Eneco and with each other. We have presented the results of the Facebook campaign to the energy spokespersons of political parties VVD and PvdA that were negotiating the formation of a government.


In connection with the cooperation that started several years ago, Eneco conducts regular consultations with WWF on the follow-up of the cooperation and the alignment of our strategy with the objectives of WWF. On Wednesday 9 May, Eneco, in its capacity of partner of WWF Netherlands, hosted the WWF Next' event. During that day, more than 240 representatives of companies discussed practical examples of energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable energy. The central question was how companies can contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.