Local community


Stakeholder management essential

Strategic Stakeholder Management is a method that we apply in our projects to communicate with local stakeholders at an early stage in an open, transparent manner. The objective is to find the common interests, to enhance the predictability of stakeholders and to prevent surprises later on in the process as much as possible. Subsequently, we proactively apply strategy aimed at maintaining a sustainable relationship with the environment as well as achieving the goals of the organisation.

For projects involving many and various stakeholders, we use an environment monitor. In this database, we record all stakeholders, issues, interests and actions. This proves to be a good way to keep a good overview of complex projects.

Also in the construction of wind farms, we actively involve the local community and other interested parties. Examples include the 'Look Behind the Scenes' visits during the construction of the wind farms Hoevensche Beemden and Zwartenbergseweg in the province of Noord-Brabant.