Customers rank first in our strategy

The most important partners for Eneco are our customers, as is apparent from our mission: sustainable energy for everyone. A mission that stems from our commitment to society. This is only logical, because our roots and justification lie in society. Eneco exists by the grace of its customers and the confidence that is placed in us by society.

This confidence is crucial to us and we earn it by obtaining support from society for our mission. By being transparent and honest. By our committed, outspoken and decisive way of working. This creates a strong relationship and connection between Eneco, our customers and other partners. As a result, Eneco is perceived as being a reliable and trusted partner: Eneco and I, together for sustainability. Eneco – that's my company.

Our mission

Sustainable energy for everyone, that is our mission. This mission connects us to our customers and clearly indicates what we represent and strive to achieve: we aim to make sure that our customers can count on affordable, reliable and clean energy, today and in the future.

Our vision

In the future, all energy will be sustainable. This energy will increasingly be generated locally, by the customers themselves. Energy generated from fossil fuels is becoming scarcer, pollutes and makes us dependent on, in some cases, unstable regions in the world. Consequently, it is also becoming increasingly expensive. This means that the energy world must change. SDT is the answer; sustainable, decentralised, together. The roles of producer and consumer will change completely. Customers will become producers and suppliers. We will need to work together and communicate more closely with customers.

Our strategic direction

Customer first

Attention for our customers, the customers' needs and the relationship with our customers comes first at Eneco. That is why we do what we do. Ultimately, it is a question of how customers experience our services and how enthusiastic they are about us. This is why we involve our customers in the development of our products and services. Products and services that make a difference for customers and that they are satisfied with.

Energy efficiency

Together with our customers, we are lowering energy consumption. Eneco does this by providing customers insight into their energy consumption and by supplying practical products and services such as smart meters, energy-efficient boilers and personal energy saving advice. This not only has financial and environmental benefits, but is also ultimately sustainable: what you do not use, you do not have to generate. And with more than 2.2 million customers, that makes a difference.

Generating energy together

Together with its customers, Eneco aims to make the local production of energy accessible and cost-effective. Energy that is needed at work and at home. Some of our customers are already producing sustainable energy locally, for their own use and also for others if they produce surplus energy. Instead of paying for energy, they save energy and even earn money from energy. To this end, Eneco develops tailor-made solutions together with customers and other partners. For example, solar panels, micro and regular wind turbines, biomass installations and solutions that involve the use of heat pumps. In addition, we provide the reliable and future-oriented energy infrastructures that enable joint production.


Eneco gives its customers access to affordable, reliable and clean energy. Customers can, of course, count on excellent customer service. As a result of the rapid technological development and declining costs, an increasing number of our customers will be able to generate part of their energy requirement themselves. Eneco's aim is that any additional energy that they require will be generated from 100% sustainable sources. At present, all our domestic and SME clients are supplied with 100% green electricity, an increasingly large part of which is generated in a sustainable manner together with our partners. To this end, Eneco invests in energy production from wind and solar energy and biomass in the most appropriate environment. In Great Britain, we are investing in wind, France offers favourable conditions for solar energy and in the Netherlands and Belgium, we focus on wind and solar energy and energy generated from biomass.


With over 100 years of experience and all the necessary skills combined within one group, expertise is closely associated with the Eneco Group. With the business units Eneco, Joulz, Stedin and Ecofys, we offer a full range of services relating to the entire energy chain: from sustainable generation, trading, transporting and supplying renewable energy to designing and providing advice on local energy solutions. We combine this with developing smart energy infrastructures for two-way traffic.

Connecting leadership

To realise and accelerate our ambition, everyone's input is needed: our customers, suppliers, scientists ... everyone. That is why we actively seek to connect with all these partners and stimulate mutual cooperation. Together with our partners, we devise new business models that result in sustainable value for everyone. This often includes carrying out many of our projects in collaboration with others, in some cases with other energy companies. This enables us to share risks and combine our knowledge and skills.